Make Records Together.Get $300, Give $300.

Get rewarded for each artist you invite to Qrates.

Up to $3,000 to make more records

Get $300 off your vinyl pressing costs every time you invite a new artist to Qrates.

Store your records for free

Keep your records in either our UK or US warehouse for free.

Keep selling on Qrates

Your fans are a click away from ordering your new vinyl on Qrates.


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Your friends sign up

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Get your unique link by signing up. Invite your friends to Qrates by sharing your link via email or social media.

When one of your friends signs up to this referral program, you earn referral credit.

Your friend gets $100 off of pressing fees just for signing up, and you get $300 off on your next project on Qrates.

As the world’s first vinyl crowdfunding platform, we’re revolutionizing the way independent artists put music in their fans’ hands—without waste, risk, or red tape.

From design and on-demand pressing, to sales, storage, and shipping, Qrates provides everything you need to get your music on vinyl.

The Future Of Vinyl

Vinyl Made EasyRelease Music On Your Terms





No upfront costs and no-over ordering: we press the number of records you sell, and ship them straight to your backers.

Know how many records you'd like to press, but want to lower your upfront costs? Launch a pre-order project. 

- No risk, no waste 

- No upfront costs, ever

- Perfect for your first vinyl release

- Keep 85% of your net revenue

- Get paid as soon as your project ships

- Great for limited editions

Why Qrates?

Hear It From The Artist Who Use Qrates

Brad Desmond

Martin Kennedy

Manager, 11e1ven Group

Artist, All India Radio

"Housing and shipping is a huge inconvenience that you guys have solved."

"I just love the way it works with you guys. I absolutely love the way the records are packaged."


How will I know when my friend signs up?

Once your friend signs up to Qrates using your unique share link, you will receive an email from us notifying you that you have unlocked your reward. If you have concerns about your reward, please contact us at We're happy to sort it out. 

Can I apply my discount on any project on Qrates?

The coupon codes can be redeemed for Crowdfunding and Press and Sell projects only. The Press Only option is not supported. A single coupon can be applied to a project and you can not use a coupon in conjunction with another coupon code, campaign, or discount.

How can I check the status of my invites?

Just visit this page anytime to get real-time stats about your progress.

How do I use the coupon code?

Coupon codes need to be applied to your Crowdfunding and Press and Sell before publishing live. Here are details on how to use your coupon code

Can I use the coupon code for cassettes?

Coupon codes are only valid for vinyl orders only. Please note that cassette discounts will be removed. 

Make records together. Give $300, Get $300.

Get rewarded for each artist you invite to Qrates.

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